A Time to Praise

An inspirational Christmas AnthologyExplore five unique short stories that celebrate the love, joy, and peace of Christmas.

Miracle From on High by Renée Allen McCoy
Four lives intersect at a crossroad, prompting each to seek God’s direction. Benjamin and Susan grapple to accept their path while Trevor and Danielle struggle to cope with theirs.

Giving You the Best of My Love by Sonya Visor
Three years ago, Chase Anderson was hauled off to jail, leaving his wife, Nicole, drowning in a lake of trouble. Despite the strong love they once shared, will they be able to overcome life-changing obstacles?

His Calling and My Desire by Camille Gipson
How does a single mother fight to protect her country and her children at the same time? Ruth is torn as she leaves one battle only to face another.

Blessings in the Storm by Lisa Antley
Tonya Phillips has almost everything she could ever imagine … except a good man. In a dark moment of her life, she soon discovers “He” has always been there.

The Greatest Christmas Present Ever by Renarda Williams
As Ikedi Ataya, a black State Justice, is honored for his career, he reflects on his “Christmas gift” to a close-knit New Orleans community threatened by greedy developers. Read Excerpt… 

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