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While writing is a ministry for me, I enjoy giving in other ways  too. Whether it is through visits to homeless shelters, prisons, or nursing homes, God has taught me that it is more blessed to give than to receive. To give means you have something to offer another person and that’s an awesome gift in itself.

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What Readers Are Saying…

“Your work is always amazing! Although a fiction story, it [The Kiss of Judas] relates to situations people actually deal with in real life..” ~Amazon Customer

“…I am truly glad that this author made the story [The Kiss of Judas] interesting but remained true to her Christian values by omitting vulgar language but still giving the secular characters street cred…” ~Amazon Customer

“Renee McCoy takes the Word of God and places in real life everyday situations, in this emotionally filled novel… Confessions will make you laugh, cry and have faith. Either way you will be so glad you read this story. Great story, great job. ” ~ Rose Wright, President of Savvy Book Club, Jackson MS

“This [The Christmas Beau] is a great christian fiction book! I loved it, the emotion,the forgiveness aspect make the perfect combination. Love never fails you will have to read the book to understand what I’m saying!” ~Duezette, Amazon Customer

“This story [Once Upon a Sunday] was so refreshing. In a time when horrible things are happening around US everyday, it was wonderful to read and be reminded of God’s love for us. For me my soul has been blessed with this short story. I’ve added Ms. McCoy’s other works to my personal library. Thank you for blessing ME with one of your stories.” ~Francina Baker Jeffero, Amazon Customer

“Excellent story line! I so enjoyed reading this book [In the Presence of My Enemies] and found myself so engaged in all of the characters, especially Kara, the main character. This was not your typical love story which I so appreciated. This Christian based book encourages us to remember how we should continue to deal with real life issues of shame, betrayal, anger, infidelity, pride, and forgiveness. I was also reminded to keep my life goals in view, keep the faith, and always let God lead my way. Favorite quote from the book, ‘Don’t allow your enemies to steal your peace. They’re not the ones who gave it to you.'” ~Trinigyal, Amazon Customer

“[Soul Ties: Breaking Up With a Past That’s Killing Your Future] (offers) Very clear and concise details that inform and educate with an action plan to help with assessment.” ~Amazon Customer